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Hello and welcome to Therapy Connection.


Sometimes life can throw up different stresses and counselling can help many people to reconnect with themselves and with life again.


So whether you are going through some difficult life events now or have been having difficulties for a long time being able to reach out and allow yourself to have some 'you' time can be a good start to move forward once again.

It is sometimes difficult deciding to have some counselling and then deciding what type of counselling or person is best for you can be a stress in itself but can also be part of the journey and is worth really getting the right person and service for you.

I am a Integrative Counsellor so that means I can pull on different therapeutic approaches and and tailor the therapy to your individual needs. The heart of my therapy is more of a humanistic approach.


I also offer some body work such as Tapping and Energy Work and these can be a have alone sessions or combined with counselling session depending on preference and your needs.